Limited Lifetime Warranty

1600 | 1900 | VERO SERIES

New Product Purchased After 2012:
1600 / 1900 / VERO Series – Limited Lifetime Warranty
1300 Series – 5-year Limited Warranty

At Bellmont Cabinet Company, we are proud of the quality, design, and construction of our cabinetry. We make every effort to ensure the products we produce conform to our rigid specifications. Our cabinetry meets or exceeds KCMA/ANSI 161.1 Quality Standards and has been tested for residential interior applications. Our cabinetry also meets or exceeds TSCA Title VI indoor quality standards as set forth by the EPA that exceed and replace CARB II requirements.

To show our commitment to our products and customers, we provide a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship beginning on the date of shipping from our factory as long as the 1st homeowner owns and occupies the home. This warranty is non-transferrable.

Our cabinetry is specifically manufactured for use in interior residential applications; excluding garages and/or other exterior applications. Usage in any other application is not covered by this or any other warranty. 

This warranty does not cover any claims related to abuse, nature, climate, moisture, sunlight, household cleaners, general wear and tear, natural aging processes of wood materials or other household or environmental conditions.

Warranty claims for missing or damaged items must be claimed within 30 days from delivery by the dealer who placed the original order to be valid. Claim must include images of the damage and must follow Bellmont’s Dealer Portal Ordering Process.

From time to time, Bellmont will change design, specifications, and materials as conditions require, vendors discontinue materials, and improvements are developed; Bellmont remains under no obligation under warranty or contract to incorporate such changes in products we previously manufactured, delivered, or replace under our warranty.

Cabinet construction and specifications are subject to change without notice. Any claim related to changes in specifications will not be valid. Any warranty claim for items that may have been changed will be replaced only with the items being produced as the current specification at the time of the claim. If the item, material, or finish is no longer available, Bellmont reserves the right to substitute for similar or like products, if available. 

Any warranty claim is solely limited to the single effected warranty item(s) only. Changes or discontinuation in manufacture, construction, specification, color, finish, or species are not considered a warrantable item. Bellmont Cabinet Company will not replace any other product(s) beyond the warranty item(s) and those parts directly covered by this limited warranty.

Stained wood materials contain natural characteristics, can vary greatly and variations within the same door, cabinet, kitchen and/or project are not an item that can be claimed under this warranty. This can be represented but not limited to wood color, grain, color variation, knots, bird pecks, sap marks, burl, chatter, checking, heartwood, sapwood, mineral streaks, etc. These variations are part of the beauty of wood and are not a defect. Bellmont does not color select nor guarantee the color mix of materials. The degree of variations is also related to the environmental conditions, region, and time of year of the wood is harvested. Being a product of nature, these natural characteristics of wood are outside of the control of Bellmont and are to be expected.

Veneers and solid woods age and accept stain at different rates and may appear differently when new and over time. This is not a defect. Selections of stained materials should only be made for final purchase when selected from a new sample, less than 12 months old, in the finish, specie, and style as the final order. A new sample produced from the wood selected in the season of the order is highly recommended. Claims for warranties when selections were made using other materials including color blocks, color chips, brochures, displays, or any other representation is not covered under any warranty.

The typical aging process of solid wood and veneer products may cause the color to vary or change from the original tone or color. This is normal and to be expected with all hardwoods, veneers, paints, and finishes. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, air, humidity, or moisture accelerates this process and is not covered by warranty. Exposure to extreme heat or sunlight, or evidence of misuse or abuse also voids this warranty. 

Certain door styles, species, and finishes will not be covered by this warranty for color fastness or variations. Windswept and artisan finishes like Villa, Heirloom, and glazes will have variations and variations from piece to piece, door to door, or within the same door are not defects and cannot be claimed under any warranty.

Certain door styles, species, and finishes will not be covered by this warranty when installed in specific geographic areas. Due to the nature of the product, replacement product may vary from original purchased product. Natural woods vary in color and grain pattern and exhibit color change over time. Cabinets may darken or lighten with age due to exposure to certain environmental conditions including but not limited to sunlight, moisture, household cleaners, smoke, etc. These variations are considered the natural characteristics of the material and are not covered under this warranty.

Because glues and other adhesives used in the manufacturing process can be subject to failure when in contact with excessive heat, precautions must be taken to eliminate this possibility. Specifically, doors and drawer fronts on either side of a range or oven MUST be opened when the oven is being used in high heat cycles, including broiling and self-cleaning operation. Failure to follow this procedure will void the warranty.

Claims under warranty are limited to repair or replacement product only. Warranty is void on any products altered or repaired in the field by unauthorized labor. Warranty is void for products stored in non-temperature and/or areas that are not climate-controlled for temperature or humidity prior to and during installation. Authorized warranty work performed, or replacement parts provided does not extend the warranty period.

If materials are to be repaired or replaced under warranty, they will be performed with the current finish and stains offered by Bellmont Cabinet Company. No guaranty under this warranty covers any attempt to be made or offered to match existing cabinetry currently delivered or installed for any reason.

Bellmont Cabinet Company reserves the right to substitute a similar product, if available, for warranty issues on discontinued products. Claims are limited to defective product and/or assembly only and will not extend to the whole project. Bellmont Cabinet Company reserves the right to inspect, require pictures, return products to Bellmont Cabinet Company, and may repair or replace items claimed under this warranty. All transportation, shipping charges, removal and/or installation labor are the responsibility of the purchaser and will not be covered by Bellmont Cabinet Company.

Except as provided herein, Bellmont Cabinet Company shall be the sole arbiter of this warranty and makes no expressed warranties and/or any implied warranties, including those of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability or habitability; and those otherwise available under Washington state or federal laws are specifically excluded under this warranty. 

Bellmont Cabinet Company shall have no liability or responsibility to the customer or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by use or performance of the product or arising out of any breach of this warranty, including, but not limited to, any damages resulting from inconvenience, loss of time, property, income, or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages even if Bellmont Cabinet Company has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some states do not allow the limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Bellmont Cabinet Company has not always had the warranty dates as published herein. Please see the dates, series, and expiration dates of previously manufactured Bellmont Products:

Bellmont 1600/1900/VERO Series: 
Purchased after 2012 – Lifetime of original purchaser

Bellmont, Statements, Amero, Vantage, Ridgeline, or Pacific Crest:
Purchased prior to 2012 – 5-to-10-year Warranty - Warranty Expired.

Bellmont does not sell, engage, or service customers directly outside our network of dedicated dealers. We do not record any end user data of the purchasers, by name, address and only have order and purchase orders by numbers from our dealers. 

For the quickest possible resolution to any warranty claim we recommend contacting your local dealer who placed your order. If that is not possible; we require a dated proof of purchase showing the series, style, species, color with pictures and a description of the items claimed. Your warranty claim may be passed onto the original dealer for processing and fulfillment.

For assistance, please contact your local Bellmont Dealer using our Dealer Locator
or contact: in writing.